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Twitter users animatedly contributed to the debate with some saying Sonko had answered the curiosity of many Kenyans on the governor's involvement in substance abuse.
The seminar was attended by large number of researchers, advanced level research fellows, scholars, pro-vice chancellors/focal persons, deans, academic and administrative heads, faculty and students animatedly.
"I just think we really need to give back to society, and I am going to give back with a simple mehndi, barat, waleema style wedding he said" staring into the distance and gesturing animatedly with his hand, as Aiman Khan looked on in stunned silence.
As my dad's friends are old, our conversation was a bit loud, but they were animatedly discussing the great times that they had with the NigNog League, a youth organisation akin to the Scouts or the Boys Brigade.
class="MsoNormalUsing highbrow English while gesticulating animatedly at his audience, the long serving K'Ogalo chairman said that the delay in payment of salaries was a matter blown out of proportion "by misguided and disgruntled louts", before assuring players that their August salaries would be in their accounts by close of business today.
A regular gym trainer and fitness enthusiast, Roy would animatedly discuss healthy lifestyle, his fitness regime, diets and related issues with policemen and journalists.
It shows a man talking animatedly to another man in Revolution in Baxter Gate.
There I was, in the bathroom of a Jewish cultural institution, when I overheard two women animatedly discussing from the comfort of their respective stalls what they had in mind to wear for Halloween.
For this reason we must celebrate the right way with my players, gF in the staff and fans." Manager Conte celebrated animatedly in front of the Chelsea fans at the end as though the title was already won.
And their passionate manager - who celebrated animatedly in front of the Blues fans at the end as though the title was won - admitted he hugged each of his players in the dressing room because of what they achieved.
Anchored by a rhythm section of Swiss precision (but with US heritage) and with lead singer Salvador Duran animatedly perched on his kick-box plinth, the other three members swapped instruments, took lead vocal parts and simply oozed musical virtuosity for the entire 80-minute set.
RIYADH: The MiSK Global Forum ended here on Wednesday night in an upbeat mood with the participants animatedly talking about their impressions of the two-day event at the Four Seasons Hotel.