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The digital space in which these animators work is, in my imagination, a cold and indifferent void in which components are simply fabricated.
Participation is free and open to all, and final accepted animators will be credited and have profiles on the official website.
To become an animator, you will need skills in drawing, modelling or using computer animation packages.
Animation Forum WM project manager David Allen said: "The event is open to animators and designers of all levels, along with anyone else who's interested.
Published for the first time, Drawn to Life is a two-volume collection of the legendary lectures from longtime Disney animator Walt Stanchfield.
His audience got to see the only existing hand-written production notes from meetings between Walt Disney and his team of animators in 1937, written while they were working on the studio's first full-length animation Snow White.
Bannershop was the first GIF Animator product with master frame support, introduced by Selteco in 2000.
FaceStation allows film, television and interactive game animators to create and drive facial character animation in real-time.
In addition, Take One is honoured to publish a review of Cyber World in IMAX 3--D by veteran filmmaker -- and talented animator in his own right -- Colin Low.
Animators from around the world collaborated on the Facebook Platform and used Autodesk Maya software to help create this first short film of its kind.
Among the speakers will be Eric Goldberg a veteran director, designer and animator who has worked on feature films, commercials, and television specials.
It takes place on Thursday at 7pm at The Studio, in Cannon Street, and has been organised by animator networking group Animation Forum West Midlands and BSeen, an entrepreneurship programme for Birmingham-based final year students and graduates.