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The party said in a press statement the composers of the video as well as its producers were "keen on creating inter-ethnic animosity between Kambas and their Kikuyu neighbours".
It is, therefore, extremely foolhardy for some wayward social misfits to think that they have an unfettered license to foment animosity between the two communities.
There animosity but I didn't getting in we had, clean However, Cotterill explained he saw more senior midfielders as more likely to play - and that if Walsh was to drop down to Under-23 football, he would rather do it at Everton.
Fake news is animosity and provokes animosity from its victims.
Abadi said that he would not allow Iraq to be turned into a battlefield between Iran and the US or the Iraqi soil to be used as a place for animosity against the Islamic Republic.
The Church itself was not immune to "a virus of polarisation and animosity," he said, an apparent reference to a public challenge to the pope by four conservative cardinals, who accused him of sowing confusion on important moral issues.
The veteran TV presenter said: "There is no animosity between the two of them.
According to the police sources 8 people were seriously injured as result of firing the police sources added that the cause pf animosity was land dispute.
He said the rest of the accused, who are detained in Camp Bagong Diwa, may have developed a feeling of animosity against him due to his intention to testify for the prosecution.
Animosity to policemen is animosity to the State, the Constitution and the laws.
Ramadi (NINA) - Leader of Iraq Sahwa Conference, Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha, said that Qaeda Organization controls 40% of Anbar province because of the Army's animosity toward the public.
Du Bois (1868-1973), the controversy and animosity surrounding an attempt to recognize his legacy in the Massachusetts town where he was born, and his early life there.