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[Latin, Mind, soul, or intention.] A tendency or an inclination toward a definite, sometimes unavoidable, goal; an aim, objective, or purpose.

When animus is used in conjunction with other words of Latin origin, its most common meaning is "the intention of." For example, animus revocandi is the intention of revoking; animus possidendi is the intention of possessing.

Animo, meaning "with intent," may be employed in a manner similar to animus. For example, animo felonico means with felonious intent.


noun bent, character, decision, design, determination, disposition, fixed purpose, intendment, intent, intention, intentionality, mind, motive, nature, penchant, predetermination, predilection, predisposition, propensity, purpose, resolve, set purpose, settled purpose, temper, volition, will
Associated concepts: animus derelinquendi, animus et faccum, animus furandi, animus revertendi, animus testandi, anti-union animus
See also: character, design, desire, feud, frame, hatred, intent, malice, odium, resentment, spite, will

ANIMUS. The intent; the mind with which a thing is done, as animus cancellandi, the intention of cancelling; animus farandi, the intention of stealing; animus maiaendi, the intention of remaining; animus morandi, the intention or purpose of delaying.
    2. Whether the act of a man, when in appearance criminal, be so or not, depends upon the intention with which it was done. Vide Intention.

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Brzonkala and others' "totality of the circumstances" for [section] 13981 animus were limited to ad hoc examinations of each claim in context.
As we look at the traumatic history of African-Americans in the United States and the present day conflicts and sufferings that continue to plague the African-American community, there is a degree of understanding as to the lack of healing that has taken place when we look at Jung's theory of the anima and the animus.
question the Court detecting animus only in Windsor.
Animus, based in London's Mayfair, act for corporate clients and "high net-worth individuals.
In the feminine soul, the Animus in its most developed form connects the woman's mind with the spiritual evolution of her epoch, and she becomes even more receptive than a man to new creative ideas.
Fundamental questions about equal protection law--the appropriateness and role of the intent requirement, (1) the role of animus, (2) the puzzle of rational basis review, (3) the level of judicial under enforcement, (4) and the implications of the Court's insistence that equal protection rights are "personal" (5) have generated volumes of scholarship without definitively clarifying these issues.
animus1 in the conscious mode, he makes little use of it; his physical strength is symbolic of how he is animus but he is unconscious of it.
Later charts list Buffy's enactment of the major feminine archetypes in these same arcs, showing who or what represents the associated Shadow and Animus figures for each archetype.
According to the report, the law lets people sue if they have been injured by a violent crime "due, at least in part, to an animus based on the victim's gender.
directed at community I'm repeatedly shocked by the animus directed at the gay community.
He has done us a great favor by offering us a nuanced and rich view of the inner core of leftist animus and the heady mix of false pretence and fond fantasy on which it feeds.
But as Orin Starn reports, Woods' undoing opened the floodgates for long-held racial animus and not a little bit of schadenfreude, exacerbated by an irresponsible media and its insatiable public.