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[Latin, Mind, soul, or intention.] A tendency or an inclination toward a definite, sometimes unavoidable, goal; an aim, objective, or purpose.

When animus is used in conjunction with other words of Latin origin, its most common meaning is "the intention of." For example, animus revocandi is the intention of revoking; animus possidendi is the intention of possessing.

Animo, meaning "with intent," may be employed in a manner similar to animus. For example, animo felonico means with felonious intent.


noun bent, character, decision, design, determination, disposition, fixed purpose, intendment, intent, intention, intentionality, mind, motive, nature, penchant, predetermination, predilection, predisposition, propensity, purpose, resolve, set purpose, settled purpose, temper, volition, will
Associated concepts: animus derelinquendi, animus et faccum, animus furandi, animus revertendi, animus testandi, anti-union animus
See also: character, design, desire, feud, frame, hatred, intent, malice, odium, resentment, spite, will

ANIMUS. The intent; the mind with which a thing is done, as animus cancellandi, the intention of cancelling; animus farandi, the intention of stealing; animus maiaendi, the intention of remaining; animus morandi, the intention or purpose of delaying.
    2. Whether the act of a man, when in appearance criminal, be so or not, depends upon the intention with which it was done. Vide Intention.

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Gender animus is expressed in the feminization of the victim, who becomes subordinated to the offender's dominance through manipulation of the victim's gender status.
To allow Congress to regulate crimes of violence merely because they are motivated by gender animus would, it said, stretch the notion of limited government past the breaking point.
The operative symbol, her animus image, is the (re)visioned hands of her father.
LOS ANGELES -- A testament to the tremendously successful and collaborative partnership between The Vidal Partnership, Animus Group, Zeal Television and Fox Sports en EspaSol, "El Reto Final Nissan," the groundbreaking five-part soccer-themed reality series, won "Best Foreign Language Program" honors at the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications' (NAMIC) 13th Annual Vision Awards.
The Court previously indicated that it would allow the Eighth Amendment claims to proceed, but not those asserting racial animus.
The animus keeps providing guides on how to perform certain tasks as the story goes by, eliminating the step of going back to controls and searching what keys to use to perform a particular task.
If the supervisor performs an act motivated by anti-military animus that is intended by the supervisor to cause an adverse employment action, and if that act is a proximate cause of the ultimate employment action, then the employer is liable under USERRA," Justice Antonin Scalia wrote.
The remainder of the "proof" that Carter uses to show that fundamentalists and the removal of the separation of church and state are to blame for the present political animus consists of a quote he took from one of his own speeches--"Thomas Jefferson, in the original days of our country, said he was fearful that the church might influence the state to take away human liberty.
Washburn University refused to find the statue's placement on campus a sign of school-endorsed animus toward religion.
This flippancy seems to be part of a general editorial animus your publication has toward people of religious faith.
Breyer--declared that the measure made gays "unequal to everyone else" and was "inexplicable by anything but animus toward the class it affects.
The court found that there was no evidence creating a genuine issue of fact that the employee's termination was a result of the hospital's animus toward the employee's disability.