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What are common causes of a combined high anion gap and increased osmolality?
Renal dysfunction (45% with increased creatinine levels), an increased anion gap (28%), and decreased TC[O.
She was treated with intravenous 5% Dextrose with half normal saline and insulin in the emergency room before being transferred to the Intensive care unit, but the anion gap didn't close despite continued intravenous 5% Dextrose and insulin administration 24 hours later.
1 mmol/L) suggestive of severe high anion-gap metabolic acidosis with anion gap of 44.
Clinical acid-base pathophysiology: disorders of plasma anion gap.
The anion gap is a calculated value based on the principle of electroneutrality which refer to that the total anions in the body must be equal to the total cations (Dibartolam 2006; LeRoy 2005 ).
How could this fellow rheumatology in nephrology with his constant calculation of the anion gap or his hourly resort to the Henderson Hasselbalch equation consider us, but not himself, the real elite?