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The absorption of cationic dye (CV), anionic dye (AY), and mixture of dyes (CV + AY) by SHs and MNHs were investigated.
Anionic dye removal from aqueous solutions using modified zeolite: Adsorption kinetics and isotherm studies.
Adsorption of anionic dyes from aqueous solution on fly ash.
t] = 58 cm was used for anionic dye separations at 30[degrees]C.
Reliability and Validation for the Anionic Dye Method
Even when an anionic dye is properly laid down on the fiber surface, the increased negative charge will place an additional burden on the typical cationic retention aid or coagulant.
In the research, decreases in Congo red and direct blue 71 by AHAMAA considered as a model of anionic dye in wastewater are evaluated since AHAMAA can be an alternative remedy material for the textile industry.
Azni, Cationic and Anionic Dye Adsorption by Agricultural Solid Wastes: A Comprehensive Review, Desalination, 280, 1 (2011).
The mercerized fibers adsorb higher amounts of anionic dye than fibers which were only purified.
Similar behavior regarding the biosorption of anionic dye on the Peanut hull was observed by Gong et al.