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The sorption capacity of the triple magnetic composite with respect to the cationic dye increases from 350 mg/g to 1100 mg/g and to the anionic dye from 176 mg/g to 1830 mg/g.
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The AO8 dye contains sulfonate group (-S[O.sup.-.sub.3]) in its molecule and, therefore, is an anionic dye in aqueous solution.
The adsorption equilibrium of each anionic dye on CFA could be reached within 1 h at respective optimum pH at 293 K [19].
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A Hewlett Packard/Agilent 3D (Palo Alto, California) capillary electrophoresis instrument equipped with a photodiode array detector ([lambda] = 190-600 nm) and a 75 [micro]m inner diameter fused-silica capillary of [L.sub.d] = 50 cm and [L.sub.t] = 58 cm was used for anionic dye separations at 30[degrees]C.
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The adsorption kinetics of Eriochrome Black T (a phenolic dye) and methyl orange (an anionic dye) are shown in Figure 5.
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