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A 2-year-old boy diagnosed with a speech impediment due to ankyloglossia underwent a lingual frenulectomy at an outside institution.
The management of ankyloglossia has been subject to much controversy.
An interesting application, where the laser device is easy to use and well accepted, is severe ankyloglossia or tight fraenula [Kotlow, 2004, 2011].
There are many different ways the term lingual fraenum can be described and the International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals [IATP, 2010 web site] compiled many of the many descriptions of ankyloglossia to develop this concise and most accurate definition of the lingual fraenum [Green and Catlin, 2010].
An abnormal lingual fraenum attachment can also be defined using the term ankyloglossia or tongue-tie and has been recognized since the time of Moses as in the book of Exodus, Moses said, "I am of slow speech and of a slow tongue, [Catlin and De Haan, 1971].
Due to microstomia and ankyloglossia the patient's treatment was very difficult, and was divided into four phases.
Infants with ankyloglossia (tongue-tie) who experience breastfeeding difficulties can benefit from frenulotomy (a small cut at the anterior portion of the frenulum), according to a study at the Breastfeeding Centre of Western Australia.