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From this study, our ENT Department has developed an excellent minimally invasive technique for ankyloglossia. Same technique can also be performed using LASER.
Efficacy of neonatal release of ankyloglossia: a randomized trial.
The prevalence of ankyloglossia is around 3-4% varying from 0.02-10.7% 3-6.
Ankyloglossia for Reasons Other than Breastfeeding: A Systematic Review,
A 2-year-old boy diagnosed with a speech impediment due to ankyloglossia underwent a lingual frenulectomy at an outside institution.
Distribution of malocclusion, developmental anomalies, trauma and restorations in autistic children Condition Description Primary Mixed Permanent malocclusion Crowding 0 21 51 Proclination 3 15 42 Anterior open bite 0 3 0 Rotation 0 3 6 Under orthodontic 0 0 12 treatment Developmental anomalies Enamel hypoplasia 0 12 15 Fusion 0 3 0 Ankyloglossia 0 0 3 Mesiodens 0 0 3 Trauma Ellis class 1 0 12 3 Ellis class 2 0 6 3 Restorations Preformed 0 3 18 metal crowns Glass ionomer 0 9 9 cement
Bjornsson A, Arnason A, Tippet P: X-linked cleft palate and ankyloglossia in an Icelandic family.
Soft tissue findings include ankyloglossia, ogival palatal arch and median sagittal palatal fissure18.
Clinical diagnosis of OSMF was based on symptom of burning sensation in mouth upon consumption of spicy or hot foods, repeated vesiculation or ulceration in oral cavity and signs observed were vesicles/ulcers in oral cavity, areas of fibrosis in vestibule of mouth, oral cavity proper and oropharynx, partial or complete inability to protrude out the tongue (ankyloglossia) with or without reduced mouth opening (trismus).
The five congenital abnormalities were determined by an expert panel to be unrelated (one pyloric stenosis with ankyloglossia, one congenital hydronephrosis, one congenital megacolon, one club foot, and one hip dysplasia).
Ankyloglossia in the infant and young Child: Clinical suggestion for diagnosis and management.