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This is Irish Bruattar/Bruadar/Brodur and it first appears in the year 853 when, according to the contemporary record in the Annals of Ulster, a princeling of south-east Ireland named Bruattar mac Aeda was involved in the murder of a rival before being slain himself.
Annal added: "There's around 20 of them now -oand counting is about as close as you will get.
Robins, The Ehrhart polynomial of a lattice polytope, Annal of Math.
Considering it first as literature then as history, they discuss such matters as the poem in Annal 1067D, narrative style and identify in manuscript F, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and continental annal writing, reporting Scotland, coins, and Norse-derived vocabulary in the Chronicle.
Love Margaret, Terry, Vicky and William xx ANNAL -JOHN.
The annal season of what we might call "fresh starts" begins traditionally on or about March 21, the Spring Equinox.
The relief experienced by all-too-few was epitomised by young mother Annal Mary, pictured, above left, kissing her 20-day-old baby Tulasi, miraculously found alive floating on a mattress in Penang in Malaysia.
What distinguishes Yoknapatawpha from Lafayette County is its purposefulness, its dedication to "the doomed and glorious frenzy of a love-story" which arises, abstracted and distilled from "the record and annal of your native land proffered for your perusal in ring by concentric ring like the ripples on living water above the dreamless slumber of your past.
Tenders are invited for Providing Services Of Computer Operator At Nilokheri Section in connection with Annal repair And Maintenance of to Residential Quarters At Goi Press, Nilokheri During 2015-16.
Talking to the injured police jawans the IGP said "the valour and courage exhibited by you will go a long way in the annal of history".
Examples of these descriptions appear in Tiglath-Pileser's Annal 17,1.
5 per cent annal increase in asking prices, tak-k ing the typical price tag on a property in the capital to PS580,308.