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(10) The Latin entry from the Bertinian Annal sub anno 839 is printed and translated in English in Wladyslaw Duczko's Viking Rus: Studies on the Presence of Scandinavians in Eastern Europe (Leiden: Brill, 2004), 12:16-17.
Annal said: "I am very familiar with the pipe business in Hartlepool and am really looking forward to working with the team there to make it a pivotal part of an exciting new global business."
The history section concludes with a contribution by Alex Woolf on the reports of Scotland in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, who notes that the annal for 920 'is the first near contemporary use of the Scott-term for the northern kingdom' (p.
He builds constructively on chroniclers' treatment of the unfortunate Alderman Malpas, makes some useful juxtapositions, highlights parallel passages, and identifies the self-conscious construction in the barest of annals. Cade postured as a nobleman, usurped the functions of the City corporation, and modelled his conduct and route on the Carnivalesque Midsummer Watch processions, which proved counter-productive, yet his behaviour was surely intended to legitimize his authority.
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Throughout this annal, both before and after the phrase in question, the chronicler's aim is not to portray general, random lawlessness but more specifically to indict the lords and their henchmen who wrought such mayhem.
1 TAUNT RARE HEN (Ex Blue Peter host) 2 TREK URINE (50 per cent of 1960s US pop act) 3 TRUER ANNAL (Emmerdale character) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for?
Though community colleges continue to serve students interested in career training or associate's degrees, more students have been enrolling with plans to transfer to one of the university system schools, said Charles Annal, vice chancellor of the state's community college system.
The insertion of substances into anus to induce stooling can degenerate to annal fistula, haemorrhoid and cancer of the anus.
Dave Annal, of The Family Records Centre, says: "This will be of great interest to family historians and to anyone wanting to know more about how their ancestors lived."
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