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The text is unable to forget annexation's origins in attempts to expand Southern slavery, and, thus, representing annexationist ideas becomes a reminder of that history.
Freehling suggests that "southern annexationists appeared to be playing fast and loose with majoritarian rules [and their] disregard for any republican procedure in their way caused Yankees and even key Southerners to bridle at their bullying.
Critic Ambrosio Fornet observes that since the execution of Narciso Lopez, the colonial government had fomented a "clima de humillaciones y provocaciones" (142); he also notes that the first publication of Cantos in Havana in 1855 occurred only a few months after the execution of the last of the annexationist conspirators (141).
For this reason, annexationist sentiments have always endured in their ranks.
Israel continued its annexationist policies in Jerusalem and settlements and deportations in violation of relevant UN resolutions and in total contempt of the international community.
But in the early 1980s the majority of Palestinians in the territories, including intellectuals, greatly feared the near-term consequences of Israel's annexationist policies.
planters and Cuba, especially his reading of the Cuban-born South Carolinian annexationist Ambrosio Gonzales.
Several annexationist congressmen likewise invoked Texas, improving (if only slightly) on their belabored argument from the United States government's periodic practices.
China, pressing its annexationist bullying, scorns weakness and will respect only those who can bloody its nose.
The US made annexationist noises--annexation would have made an attack on Hawaii an attack on the US--and ultimately Hawaii paid an indemnity and the situation cooled.
It is thus no surprise that this legislation has been slammed as anti-democratic, discriminatory, annexationist and unconstitutional.