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The text is unable to forget annexation's origins in attempts to expand Southern slavery, and, thus, representing annexationist ideas becomes a reminder of that history.
Some annexationists contended that, notwithstanding the provisions of the Adams-Onis Treaty, Texas was rightfully a possession of the United States whose title had never been validly conveyed to Spain.
Annexationists at times contended that the precedents of North Carolina, Rhode Island and Vermont established the authority of Congress to proceed by joint resolution.
171) Annexationists had forgotten that "implied power[s] must be proper, as well as necessary.
177) Annexationists derived this power from "a single line in the Constitution": the Admissions Clause.
By the end of 1915, this significant ideological breach had created two political camps, liberal annexationists allied with the right-wing parties on the one hand, and so-called "pacifists" allied with the Social Democrats and many Catholics on the other.
Max Mauernbrecher, a Wilhelmine left liberal of middle-class background--and for many years a socialist--became a wartime annexationist, a volkisch Pan-German, and eventually campaigned for the Nazi Party.
Chapter 1, "First Fruits of a Tropical Eden," describes how travelogue writers, annexationists, politicians, and designers of tourism projects articulated a vision for Cuba and Hawaii as territories worthy of inclusion in the United States and destined to be governed by whites.
3) Instead of acting separately to demand either annexation or independence from the United States, Puerto Rican independence supporters and annexationists should come together to jointly, and thus all the more forcefully, demand that the decision regarding Puerto Rico's future status be taken, not in Washington, but in the island.
He entered the thick of the fight along with other annexationists.
But in the early 1980s the majority of Palestinians in the territories, including intellectuals, greatly feared the near-term consequences of Israel's annexationist policies.
Todd, who had been members of the Puerto Rican section of the Cuban Revolutionary Party's struggle for independence, also shared annexationist ideas as some other Cubans leaders did.