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I would never do anything to hurt the military or our country," said Mike Mouser, a resident of nearby Alamo Ranch who faces annexation.
org ) is the secretary and legislative affairs representative for Oregon Communities for a Voice in Annexations.
These houses were in the Cordova Memphis Annexation Reserve but kept the same Shelby County schools, services, and taxes throughout.
If the city wants to allocate $25,000 to do a study on annexation versus incorporation, we would be happy to take the donation and commission a separate independent study that does a comparison (between the two)," said Bossert, on a town council committee formed to explore the options.
The annexation is the fourth and final portion of Deltic's 4,700-acre development.
Local journalist Chris Lawrence, curator of the Memphis Watch Web site, offers two examples: "The recent annexation of the Wolfchase Galleria area has reduced police coverage to one police car per shift; the area's fire coverage is two Memphis firefighters in a pickup track followed by a county crew to do the actual work.
The Lane County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday unanimously postponed a decision on annexation policies in Florence to consider ways to protect rural residents who don't want to join the city.
If the answer was no, a partial annexation would have been off the table, Kunak said.
The city approved updates to annexation rules in 2009 and asked the county commissioners to adopt them as well, because the two must cooperate on the management of land between the city limits and the urban growth boundary, which encompasses land beyond the city limits.
He suggested that the county could change its language on triple- majority annexations to drop the need for approval by a majority of voters there if, in fact, there are no voters there.
The Local Agency Formation Commission had tentatively approved the annexation, but after enough protests were received to potentially trigger a vote - and LAFCO subsequently discovered it had failed to provide sufficient notice to schedule the required hearing - the decision was tabled.
Annexation is intended to occur as a "districtwide" election event, not as a special favor for individual board members who happen to purchase homes that are outside of the district.