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Antonovich had opposed the city annexing properties west of Interstate 5, but said it was up to residents to decide their destiny.
That city has a long history of annexing outlying neighborhoods, sucking up their taxes and then short-changing them on services.
During a visit by this writer to the area in the fall of 1993, a senior official of the Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies admitted privately that Israel was committed to annexing an additional 12 percent of the West Bank as a quid pro quo for the inevitable Palestinian demand for a West Bank-Gaza corridor in final status talks.
9, 1996--In one of its largest annexation actions in many years, Metropolitan Water District's board of directors Tuesday approved annexing the City of Port Hueneme, the Point Mugu Naval Air Station, the Point Hueneme Naval Base, Oxnard Harbor and an adjoining beach.
Shapiro questioned the motives for annexing the land, saying the city expressed its intent to use the annexation to restrict mining by way of potentially adopting restrictive city ordinances.