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To decimate, however, is not to reduce to nothing, not to annihilate, which literally means to reduce to nil, namely, to nothing.
The up quark [u.sub.1] and the antiup quark [[bar.u].sub.1] completely annihilate into a tau neutrino [v.sub.[tau]] or a tau antineutrino [[bar.v].sub.[tau]].
"Jabhat al-Nasra cooperates with all people on the scene like the Free Syrian Army but this relationship depends on its interests, meaning that in the cooperation with the Free Syrian Army, predominance belongs to Jabhat al-Nasra and Jabhat al-Nasra will be ready to annihilate the Free Syrian Army as soon as it achieves its goals since it is opposed to the Free Syrian Army's methods," Mohamed Amin Abdullah, a former medical student in Damascus university, who was arrested by the Syrian army for membership in Jabhat al-Nasra terrorist group said during his interrogation process.
He aims to annihilate all the scientists working on the bomb and destroy the American nuclear facilities at Los Alamos and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Another report says that the Atal 205 army corps personnel conducted clearing operation under the code name of "Shafaq" to annihilate armed rebels in Chora district.
NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Un yesterday told his troops to be ready to annihilate his enemies.
NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Un yesterday stepped up tensions with the South telling troops on the border to be ready "to annihilate the enemy,"
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami underlined the importance of this year's International Qods Day rallies, and said the revolutionary nations of the region are able to annihilate the Zionist regime.
WITH reference to Mr J Coulson's letter (September 5), Taliban, Saudis and Al Qaeda are all fundamentalists preparing to annihilate all western democratic countries 20 years ago.
THE CHICAGO BEARS, who have been backed at a shade over 300-1 to win the Super Bowl for the first time since the Fridge helped them annihilate New England by 36 points in 1986, are down to as short as 12-1 after ending a long losing sequence against Green Bay on Sunday.
A LETTER in which Lord Nelson vowed to annihilate the Franco-Spanish fleet at Trafalgar sold for pounds 66,000 yesterday.
In fact, making reliable works of art now requires that artists sacrifice themselves to the powers that be, and artists keen on succeeding learn how to annihilate themselves as beautifully as possible.