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The disintegrated electron and positron quark-antiquark pairs, if they are excited but not annihilated, can form the weak particles [W.
As for racism, it is evident by the fact that whole groups of people were annihilated by another race simply because the white race considered these Indian people to be savages.
Taken out of the place, the explosives were annihilated under the control of the experts.
If we start like that against Celtic next week we will get annihilated.
It has been more than 150 years since the Irish potato famine, when the funguslike disease called blight annihilated the staple food for millions of people.
Can a Canadian oppose the possible upcoming war against Iraq without being critized as wanting Israel to be annihilated by the surrounding Arab countries?
All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By, 2000, is a hypnotically lovely reminder of those annihilated evenings spent in front of the tube in the company of Friends.
We will not approach cancer cells as foreign invaders that need to be annihilated but rather as our own cells that are suffering from a regulatory failure (lack of control).
He hoped he could annihilate me but I won't be annihilated by such bully-boy tactics.
Having been a brilliant winner of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on May 3, Big Brown headed to Pimlico and annihilated the opposition in the Preakness a fortnight later.
One day, Earth will be annihilated as our sun goes through its own death throes.