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The ground state up quark incompletely annihilates with the ground state anti down quark to form a positron, [u.
The excited and/or flavor changed quark-antiquark pair then either annihilates into another type of neutrino or interacts with the nucleon to form hadrons and electrically charged leptons.
Type-I quark-antiquark annihilation annihilates only color charges, which forms structueless and colorless but electrically charged leptons such as electron, muon, tau, and lambda particles.
0] completely annihilate into an electron neutrino [v.
The excited quark-antiquark pairs incompletely annihilate into another generation of electrically charged leptons.
On the other hand, the electron and positron, if they are not disintegrated into quark-antiquark pairs during the collision, can directly annihilate into photons.
Israel has become a country that annihilates people and is hostile to peace," he said, according to the AP.
Unless an antimatter atom is kept from coming into contact with an ordinary atom, the two atoms annihilate each other in a violent flash of energy - a fact that may explain the apparent absence of antimatter in the natural universe.
Moreover, when an antiparticle meets its matter counterpart, both entities instantly annihilate, releasing a burst of energy.