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Most useful is an examination of the novel's depiction of the often annihilative consequences that result from the control and operation of power accessed through those issues fundamental to Foucault's understanding of discipline: surveillance, torture, and the internalization of social judgment.
The two key ingredients for military growth and modernization - the threat of annihilative interstate conflict to drive military spending and the economic resources to do that spending - are scarcely present, compared to the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.
The Corsair hurls itself into the most annihilative form of naturalism, a downfall depicted by Conrad's ostensibly fatal leap into the sea.
Not only is Zen's self-enlightenment analogous to Daniels's, but the outlook of life Wright's protagonist achieves at the end of the story is not as negative and annihilative as that of a nihilist.
1] Together these twin terrors constitute the annihilative anxiety fundamental to all being: the fear that the self will disintegrate.
For Eliade, sacred space "is equivalent to the creation of the world" (22), but a place haunted by rememory is annihilative.
What we recognize above all is a broken world and broken sensibilities impelled by the annihilative effects of war on both the human consciousness and the human soul.
On Godwin's politically symbolic uses of natural sublimity and annihilative forces, including the torching of another of St.
Some traumas are so overwhelmingly intrusive that a state of annihilative nonbeing or temporary oblivion caused by the withdrawal of soul becomes necessary.
When the threat is so intrusive and annihilative that the central self must be abandoned rather than temporarily vacated, then the connection with one's soul is jeopardized.
Some common forms of aggression are warfare, gang fights, domestic violence, conception through rape, physical or sexual abuse of parents or siblings, annihilative energies, intrauterine toxicities, and/or abortion attempts.
Adoption or abortion trauma generally includes discovery trauma (child unwanted at the time the parents discovered the pregnancy), conception trauma (child unwanted at the time of conception), or psychological toxicity (child exposed to mother's annihilative or ambivalent feelings, or to socio-cultural shame), as well as the abandonment itself.