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No matter how profound Kafka's vision of nowhere is, it is ultimately annihilative. Beyond this point of no return, Kafka's vision negates those principles and values that, when rejected or discredited or leveled, reveal that the consequences of the artist's absorption in the nihilist imagination are irrevocable and irremediable, when Kafka's castle becomes a necropolis that consumes both the history and the meaning of human existence.
The implication is that the intimate service of vassalage involves sacrifice, but that resistance to that imperative is annihilative. There is 'noo lighte but of thy beavmes', no authority for the emblem but the royal authority that sustains his noble subject.
This enacts an annihilative return to a pre-Symbolic fusion with the mother, which is made abject because it is prohibited, and made alluring as a means of return to being the object of the mother's desire.
This site, he elaborates, "is moreover so riven with contradictions about person, place, and time--since one speaks, and yet is dead, since one takes possession at a moment of dispossession, since one occupies a temporary split between a future that one will never occupy and a present one is evacuating--that the contradictions, rather than being annihilative, are productive" (119).
Most useful is an examination of the novel's depiction of the often annihilative consequences that result from the control and operation of power accessed through those issues fundamental to Foucault's understanding of discipline: surveillance, torture, and the internalization of social judgment.
The two key ingredients for military growth and modernization - the threat of annihilative interstate conflict to drive military spending and the economic resources to do that spending - are scarcely present, compared to the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.
The Corsair hurls itself into the most annihilative form of naturalism, a downfall depicted by Conrad's ostensibly fatal leap into the sea.
Its emphasis on self is derived from the prophetic admonishment Gautama Buddha is said to have given to his disciples: "Seek within, you are the Buddha." Not only is Zen's self-enlightenment analogous to Daniels's, but the outlook of life Wright's protagonist achieves at the end of the story is not as negative and annihilative as that of a nihilist.
In the oscillation between these two anxieties, Hanna Segal writes, "Claustrophobic anxiety forces [one] out, only to be confronted by agoraphobic anxiety of falling into a void--uncontained and disintegrating."[1] Together these twin terrors constitute the annihilative anxiety fundamental to all being: the fear that the self will disintegrate.
Jacinto also called on the NPA 'to launch more and more tactical offensives, combining multiple attritive actions with well-chosen and well-planned annihilative blows against the fascist Armed Forces of the Philippines /PNP/paramilitary troops' as the Duterte government intensified its counter-revolutionary moves.
" And punk rock its annihilative sonic assault, its do-it-yourself ethos and iconography gave a voice to Ocampo's disenfranchisement.
It is thus not escape into an alternate reality but rather into the annihilative nonbeing of the withdrawal of one's soul: "I have abandoned myself." This is a second-line of defense, when the ego-defenses have been penetrated resulting in unacceptable levels of anxiety.