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And the above theorem holds for p = 2, under the assumption that every element x [member of] R satisfying 2x = 0 is a left or right annihilator of R.
We would like to remark that the same conclusions hold in case we consider the right annihilator, more precisely.
R]([lambda]) is the right annihilator of [lambda] in R.
Family Annihilators Don't Do R Because They Love You,
In the present paper we study this identity with annihilator conditions on prime rings in more generalized form.
Family annihilators all have same motivation: to regain control over a hopeless situation.
Nearly all television programs covering the events, from the briefest to nearly epic in length, featured stock footage of the celebrated cases of young family annihilators, and the Italian viewing public could not have forgotten these cases, had it wished to.
If telecommunications advances are the latest and strongest annihilators of the tyranny of distance in the saga of transportation revolutions, then economic activity should be increasingly footloose, leading to dispersal to lower cost locations or economically attractive areas, often smaller places (Hepworth 1990; Graham and Marvin 1996) But against this is the classic theory of the returns to agglomeration and urbanization, that the larger the city, the greater the pool of talent, the volume and variety of supportive resources, including universities, the exchange benefits of the clustering of competing firms, the quality of conventional access (e.
It was in this context that the dominant Christianity of the day allied itself with the ruling powers in the world and came to our lands--and elsewhere in the world outside of Europe--as invaders, conquerors and exterminators of many peoples and annihilators of several civilizations, cultures and religions, especially in the Americas and Oceania.
Anchor Bay illustrates the superheroes' also-ran status in the emergency kit sent to media: The Specials are listed seventh on the emergency phone list, way below the Annihilators and even the Super Justice League of America.