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It's drag and drop functionality, lets the user browse any textual document and easily annotate it with concepts from available ontologies.
Based on our previous success using this proprietary technology to annotate 89% of the publicly available human genome, we expect that the information from these newly annotated proteins will facilitate Incyte's new therapeutic discovery and development initiative.
Once there, netLibrary allows users to highlight, bookmark, and annotate text, all of which can be saved and used if the eBook is viewed again.
Business professionals are overwhelmed with data," said Brian Flynn, CEO of Annotate.
Using RasterMaster, the company's flagship imaging SDK that provides a wide range of automated document imaging functions, application developers can easily incorporate functionality into an application to view, convert, manipulate, and annotate Word files.
Leading Edge Design & Systems (LEDS) introduces MediaIndexer(TM), a powerful and cost-effective digital media indexing tool based on MediaMiner(TM), a patent-pending engine that enables organizations to quickly index, catalogue and annotate source files.
Furthermore, we encouraged Ansoft to provide a path to back annotate to backend layout tools, making it very practical to innovate new designs and pass the results to standard layout tools.