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In particular, the major syntactic resource for training syntactic analyzers in English is an annotated text collection called the Penn-Tree Bank.
The annotated text with highlights and comments in the three-columns served as the focal points for the course pedagogy.
Gorra's text will prove useful for teachers and students of Faulkner with its careful attention to detail, updated selections, and carefully annotated text.
Peterson offers a meticulously annotated text, of which each two-page spread features the original Latin on the left and the modern English rendition on the right.
While highly desirable in theory, in practice such an exuberantly annotated text has proven difficult to use.
Following the annotated text of the novel, Klinger provides readers with a second part, "Considering the Count," consisting of five short essays: "Dracula after Stoker: Fictional Accounts of the Count," "Sex, Lies, and Blood: Dracula in Academia," "The Public Life of Dracula: Dracula on Stage and Screen," "Dracula's Family Tree," and "The Friends of Dracula.
This slim volume consists of the annotated text of a lecture on Sir Richard Burton (1821-90) delivered at the Royal Asiatic Society, London, by Simon Digby, the recipient of the Sir Richard Burton Commemorative Medal in 1999.
An annotated text has the same color as the class that is used in annotation.
Volume One consists of annotated text discussing all aspects of probate procedure in chronological order.
Examples include a zoom effect at the beginning of your presentation, animated highlights, and a fade-in effect for your annotated text.
This is insightful and painstaking research and one of the few fully annotated text translations in Chinese art history.
Other enhancements include orders management, which presents a global view of all current orders for all patients; a scheduling search engine that, when used with MediLinks Resource Manager, searches on first-available, multiple-recurring appointments using multiple therapists and resources; and annotated text comments to the patient charting record.