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the process models are described by the CWO concepts), we annotate the models content with reference to a domain specific and thesaurus.
Profiles and goals annotation: For semantic discovery purposes and especially for profiles or goals-oriented queries, and reuse models in their specific projects, we annotate them with reference to profiles and goals ontology.
Annotation of basic aspects: For better interpreting the meaning of the exchanged models without ambiguity, we annotate the models with reference to a set of common ontologies, which are related to the informational, the organizational, the behavioural, the functional or the resources aspect.
Following our semantic annotation process as described above, we firstly annotate the semantics of meta-models of process modeling languages.
In the meta-model annotation, we use common Workflow ontology (CWO) as metadata to annotate the semantics of concepts of the different meta-models used in the Workflow domain (or business process).
* In addition to the selected text, a user can annotate general information like the name of the annotator, date and other information as specified in Dublin Core.
As an example, we load the GOLD ontology and then use OntoGloss to annotate two numbers 2004 and 10 in the Web page 1 and 2.
KIM is another general purpose annotation tool that uses KIM Ontology (KIMO) and a knowledge base of general important terms to automatically annotate a document.
User can annotate documents with OntoGloss and run RQL or SeRQL-S queries on the annotated data using the Sesame Web interface.