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Or were reading and annotating combined at various times?
Though the case of Blake's annotations to Lavater is a remarkably unusual one, it is indicative of just how radically the physical situation of annotating can shape what and how one writes in the margins.
Automatically annotating new documents based on the incremental knowledge in the system.
In the local mode, annotated data is saved locally and it is used in annotating documents that are visited for the first time.
2002), annotating species-specific genomes (Blake et al.
New Direct E-mail Output - After reviewing and annotating
Rovia is the first secure system for accessing, annotating and sharing copyrighted content over the Web.
Celera Genomics uses cutting edge software technology in developing its tools for visualizing and annotating the human genome," stated Russell Turner, Head of the Visualization Team at Celera Genomics.
At the client, the Optika Viewer is used for viewing, annotating and zooming documents of over 250 different formats.
Polyline and Polygon Annotation: This new annotation feature offers increased flexibility when annotating documents.
The Paperless Office provides functions for extensive document editing, annotating and page manipulation.