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And it is a good example of just how materially complicated annotating can be.
In bringing these documents together and so thoroughly and so ably annotating them and providing a rich context for their understanding, Miller and his collaborators have rendered a tremendous service to the scholarly community and they should be congratulated.
The result is the same as annotating the older documents with the new ontology.
2000) and annotating accumulating genomic and proteomic data (Whelan et al.
Cerone also praised the ease-of-use in annotating music right on the MusicPad, and being able to save the teacher's notes, a record of changes and what was discussed week to week.
Now, new features and enhancements simplify and speed up specific workflow tasks, including: importing, organizing, annotating, searching, distributing and archiving valuable digital assets.
It is the combination of time addressable storage provided by the CDP foundation and event addressable storage provided by annotating the timeline that differentiates recovery management from CDP products.
Notepad offers users a number of exciting ways to augment the information already on their handhelds, by annotating it with digital ink or using it as the basis of a timed reminder.
InterComm is a mature, field-proven technology for enterprise-wide sharing, reviewing, annotating and verifying of electronic design intent.
The Konica unityDesktop Professional expands upon the benefits of unityDesktop, using PaperPort Pro Office 9 to deliver robust PDF support, including support for automatic scan-to-desktop over networks, the ability to create PDF from any PC application, as well as support for annotating, highlighting and editing PDF files.