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Early editions omitted the subject, but later editions included it and gradually adapted annotative rhetoric to suit evolving values.
In 2003, the 'Urban Tapestry' project in the United Kingdom was one of the first applications of social annotative locative media.
It is possible to embed and retrieve additional annotative information to the digital image.
Finally, the Annotative Player now sports multidevice playback capability.
Most "new" decks are either annotative insofar as they maintain the general Rider-Waite appearance and aesthetic, or discursive insofar as they maintain that deck's structure and general associations but also integrate one or more literary works, mythologies, and/or cultures (Auger 2002, 2004).
The absence of signs comes to take on an increased presence in the mind of the user, forcing him/her to reconceptualize or speculate what living in a city of signs--literal, annotative or semiotic--really means.
It was only at this time that Karpeles published her unedited field version of the text to Hunt's 1930 performance, and printed an annotative note.
Between these two poles of the continuum, interaction can provide learners with annotative capabilities, enabling them to contribute to the information content of the VMR.
There is a similar annotative tendency to be found in analyses of Touch of Evil, albeit from a less verbal and more visual/aural perspective.
This annotative error should be forgiven, however, by anyone seriously interested in becoming better informed about the historical circumstances behind the Air Force's current space responsibilities.
Lasica, a blogger and senior editor of the Online Journalism Review, observes that blogging communities exist on "grassroots reporting, annotative reporting, commentary and fact-checking, which the mainstream media feed upon, developing them as a pool of tips, sources and story ideas.
The final learning component handout explains the elements of a descriptive annotative bibliography.