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It's not as if the anthology has resisted annotative adaptations that reflect the new prominence of queer studies--quite the contrary, in fact.
Annotative locative media allow users to add or access layers of information to certain locations or sites.
It is possible to embed and retrieve additional annotative information to the digital image.
Finally, the Annotative Player now sports multidevice playback capability.
The hallmark of web 2.0 technology, we must remember, is the separation of form and content; in the library world, this has led to an inexorable rise in the abstract and annotative.
Step-by-step instructions and drawings illustrate how to add hatch lines, modify multileader lines, draw an arc, create new layers, assign multiple annotative scales, and insert a block.
Most "new" decks are either annotative insofar as they maintain the general Rider-Waite appearance and aesthetic, or discursive insofar as they maintain that deck's structure and general associations but also integrate one or more literary works, mythologies, and/or cultures (Auger 2002, 2004).
Born from an annotative relationship with a book (but conceived outside of it), has Pessoa written differently on the occasions he used a loose leaf to annotate?
What other stories are possible?" The absence of signs comes to take on an increased presence in the mind of the user, forcing him/her to reconceptualize or speculate what living in a city of signs--literal, annotative or semiotic--really means.
The 'annotative mode', then, is mainly illustrated by Pope's Dunciad, where a 'subtextual flora vastly complicates one's ability to read and respond to the [text] as a coherent document' and allows Pope 'to evoke his own bellicose, pedantic and generally collapsing world' (pp.
It was only at this time that Karpeles published her unedited field version of the text to Hunt's 1930 performance, and printed an annotative note.
Between these two poles of the continuum, interaction can provide learners with annotative capabilities, enabling them to contribute to the information content of the VMR.