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Further evidence for the separation of these hands emerges from the passages marked by Ruby Paraph, Big Red N, and the Red-Ink Annotator.
To designate a healthy scallop, annotators identified individuals with nondamaged shells and hinges.
The Semantic Discoverer performs discovery of individuals from the IB2O Model according to requestion of the Semantic Annotator and Insider Threat Analyzer based on reasoning algorithm.
We next selected the bigrams on which both annotators agreed, and then balanced the set so that it contains an equal number of compositional and non-compositional MWEs.
seeing a 'correctly' tagged error through annotator agreement.
There is at least one other annotator in the book, who writes in a later hand and makes cross-references to Milton.
The confusion matrices reflect annotator judgments as to relevance regarding prognostication of OSCC using biomarkers.
Xodo is the ultimate cross-platform PDF viewer and annotator.
After the annotation process was completed by the annotator pathologist, the 2 pathologist-readers independently scored for GL-3 inclusions on identical duplicates of the annotated virtual images, using the quantitative approach, BLISS (Figures 2 and 3).
So part of the testing process involves human annotators listening to the users' speech and deciding what the right recognition should have been.
Foreign Language Annotator (FLAn), created by Thibeault (2011), is one of these multimedia editors.