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Yet, such attention to textual history is most welcome in an introduction, and would have enhanced Ragan's, which I otherwise found to have approached the ideal the other annotators might have taken into account in writing their own.
Annotators were asked what UMLS (1) relation was expressed in the sentence between the highlighted terms, and they disagreed, some choosing the side-effect relation, others choosing cause.
The performance on the three mentioned classes is also limited by the annotation quality; these classes are in fact the ones on which human annotators agreed the least (cf.
Annotators on Amazon Mechanical Turk watched a video of a simulated forklift performing an action, then wrote natural language commands they would give to an expert human operator in order to command the operator to carry out the actions in the video.
4927, a manuscript of the twelfth century of French origin, whose annotator is the same as the one in Oxford, Bodleian Library, Canon.
6) Wynkyn's Margery constitutes a parallel model for dislodging visionary moments from earthly biography: his Margery offers a familiar version of affective lay devotion that we will see highlighted by some of the Book's annotators, and as I will argue, by scribe Salthows himself.
The principle way she investigates this readership is through analysis of eight possible annotators whose notes are found throughout the manuscript.
Schoff also claims that earlier readers of Kempe's text extracted from it through the mechanism of annotation and that manuscript's annotators excerpted and adapted the text to their needs in same way as the compiler of Wynkyn de Worde's printing of Margery's text.
In order to investigate functions expressed by head and body movements and position in Austrian Sign Language, Lackner recorded various signed texts and had Deaf annotators annotate a selection of them, focusing on the form and possible function of each head and body movement.
Annotators could also select "unsure" to denote scallops with an unresolvable or uncertain health status, but only 147 scallops (<0.
A third edition in large folio was serially published in six volumes from 1877 to 1883-with over 1,000 plant descriptions and some emendations by editors and annotators, plus 477 detailed color illustrations rendered by art masters of the period, among them Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and Lorenzo Guerrero.