announce officially

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He is yet to announce officially when his last match will be, but he is hoping for one final swansong at Wimbledon in front of his loyal home supporters.
The PML-N is yet to announce officially party candidates for Lahore seats.
Which post that is, I will announce officially in a press conference this Sunday in Putra World Trade Centre,' he reportedly said.
The Turkish Club Kasimpasa is expected to announce officially the signing of the Egyptian player by Wednesday July 5.
A news conference of the resigning members is due next Wednesday "to announce officially the resignation of the 21 deputies and the constitution of a new independent group, he further announced.
"We announce officially to Egypt our readiness for sending humanitarian and medical supplies to Gaza through Iran Red Crescent Society (IRCS)," the Iranian lawmaker pointed out.
He added that he also suggested the chairman to announce officially donation of one-day salary of all the Board employees to help the displaced people in this critical situation.
BioWare is yet to announce officially the next game in the critically acclaimed Mass Effect (ME) series.
Kerr's management were taken by surprise by David Jones' decision, with the retailer due to announce officially on Saturday that it has hired emerging model Gomes as its new fashion ambassador, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
"I am also delighted to announce officially that the Mad Hatters' Street Party will take place this Easter Saturday between 12 noon and 4pm on Chesterfield Avenue.
The commissioner had originally planned to announce officially this possibility of cross-border traffic at a conference co-organised by the IRU (International Road Transport Union), the Danish Council Presidency and the Commission, on 29 February in Brussels.
"Recently we have been operating a computer emergency team and I'm delighted to announce officially that we have joined FIRST- [and are] the first law enforcement in the Middle East to join," said Al Shamari referring to the global cyber crime response group.