announce publicly

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My tale was not one to announce publicly; its astounding horror would be looked upon as madness by the vulgar.
"I decided to announce publicly that I had frozen my eggs.
"It is necessary to create a no-fly zone and announce publicly that any unauthorized aircraft spotted in the airspace over Hmeimim will be destroyed unconditionally," Chairman of the Russian upper house defence committee, Viktor Bondarev, told reporters in Moscow.
Basi is the first player to announce publicly that she will join the new SIU program, which will compete independently in the fall of 2019 and join the Missouri Valley Conference in 2020.
"The successful broadcasters - BT and Sky - are listed companies and are required to announce publicly the details of their acquisitions.
This he said while talking to an informal meeting with the journalists, Arbab Khizer Hayat said that besides, a number of prominent leaders of the PTI, too, are desirous of joining the PML-N, he said, adding that these leaders would announce publicly in this regard soon.
The Guardians Council does not announce publicly the reason a particular candidate has been rejected, although those reasons are explained to each candidate.
"We announce publicly that we will not have insecurity caused by any country," he asserted.
Bulgargaz, which sets gas prices quarterly, is obliged by law to announce publicly what prices it will ask the state energy regulator KEVR to approve for the next quarter a month before submitting its final proposal to KEVR.
In a Facebook announcement to fans, the band said they were "ready to announce publicly what we have thought privately for some time".
His bandmates said: "After nearly a year of coming to terms with our heartache, we finally feel ready to announce publicly what we have thought privately for some time.
Ma is the first government-approved bishop in recent years to announce publicly that he would give up his duties with the Catholic Patriotic Association.