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Without alighting from his horse, the conqueror called for a bowl of wine, and opening the beaver, or lower part of his helmet, announced that he quaffed it, ``To all true English hearts, and to the confusion of foreign tyrants.
Patrick galloped off, reached the duke, and announced to him in the terms directed that a messenger awaited him.
In less than half an hour an inspector, cap in hand, entered the room and announced that everything was ready.
You will find that the attendant has light refreshments on board, sir, if you should be wanting anything," the station-master announced.
We have decided," she announced, "to take our coffee out in the lounge.
Dorothy placed soft cushions in a corner for Billina and her chicks, and had just returned to the Throne and seated herself when the playing of the royal band outside the palace announced the approach of distinguished guests.
When a purely speculative discovery is announced to the public, it cannot be done with too much prudence.
There's a man coming down shortly from Scotland Yard," the inspector announced, a little gloomily.
The following information has been announced to Shareholders during the
The Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism has announced a new yearlong marketing campaign called the Jubilee Year of Festivals.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on August 17, 2005, the issuance of a final decision and order of prohibition against Walter C.
CB Richard Ellis announced the sale of 55 Marcus Drive, a 51,351 SF distribution building in Melville, N.