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The First Minister had become embroiled in a Twitter row with the operator after fellow passengers on the platform at Cardiff Queen Street pointed out the announcements were in English only, while ordinarily they would be made bilingually in English and Welsh.
In a tweet to ATW, he said: "English-only announcements at Cardiff Queen Street today.
The information deals with the number of announcements made by different chief ministers during their terms and the development work ( in three categories -- completed, partially completed and pending) undertaken by them.
Each Monetary Policy Statement includes within it an OCR announcement, so, as usual, in total there will be eight OCR announcements during 2010.
Wedding announcements that are submitted prior to noon on Jan.
The eight announcements starting with the most recent are:
Besides sending information to the SEC, companies can distribute their announcements through Business Wire (http://home.
But major M&A announcements that inject unnecessary uncertainty are extremely disruptive, and compound the already disruptive effects of post-merger integration.
In addition, while appreciating the extension of the period for optional reporting of compensation arising from the exercise of employer-provided nonqualified stock options, we believe that Announcements are an improper means through which to impose a mandatory wage-information reporting requirement.
Technology lab teacher Matt Anderson came up with the idea of a school television studio and show four years ago as a way to grab the attention of students tired of listening to announcements droning over the public address system.
Network providers try to announce the largest prefixes possible to avoid bloating the router tables with too-specific announcements.
The following two announcements are designed to promote research and development in biomedical information science and technology that will support rapid progress in areas of scientific opportunity in biomedical research.