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I f there should not be time enough to write again, he promised to send a telegraphic announcement of his departure.
van der Luyden seemed overwhelmed by the announcement. He drew off his glove to shake hands with the ladies, and smoothed his tall hat shyly, while Janey pushed an arm-chair forward, and Archer continued: "And the Countess Olenska."
"Then shall I make the announcement here before all my nobles," continued Salensus Oll.
Everything was plentiful in his house but ready money, of which their menage pretty early felt the want; and reading the Gazette one day, and coming upon the announcement of "Lieutenant G.
Their stocks would move predictably higher after the announcements, without regard to the company's cash flow statement and other important metrics, which typically weren't disclosed until a few weeks after the earnings announcement.
"As you may know, the Government of Canada must now refrain from announcements until after municipal elections, so I'm afraid we've got a little bit more waiting to do," he says.
"We can run public service announcements," explains Stephenson.
Partners offering fulfillment to clients in Japanese through the new JCN service include US-based Marketwire, the preferred press release service of the NASDAQ, Paris-based CompanyNewsGroup, the European leader in corporate news distribution, and the RNS (Regulatory News Service) of the London Stock Exchange, which distributes the vast majority of company news and results announcements in the UK.
Specifically, Hitachi Data Systems is making two broad announcements. The first, the TagmaStore Network Storage Controller model NSC55, delivers all of the revolutionary functionality of the TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform--including its massively parallel crossbar switch architecture for high availability and performance; large-scale controller-based virtualization layer for ease-of-management; logical partitioning for application quality-of-service; storage-agnostic universal replication for business continuance; and a rich set of software tools.
TERP grants of approximately $20,000 to $50,000 will be awarded based on the responses to TERP research announcements. The program is intended to be flexible, with the duration of each project ranging from six months to two years.
Food and Drug Administration distributed eight announcements on its AIDS list serve in January, February', and March 2005.
Individual content managers may use different conventions for similar announcements. To illustrate, again using the Arlington County example, its Department of Environmental Services (DES) Web page FAQ on "Drinking Water Information" ( EnvironmentalServices/uepd/waterops/ EnvironmentalServicesWaterops.aspx) is undated as this publication went to press.