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He initially denied journalists annoy him, saying: "I love reporters.
1 : to annoy by repeated complaining, scolding, or urging <Mom nagged me to finish my homework.
Freedom of speech entails the right to annoy people.
THE Annoying Monsters have landed on Earth with one simple goal - to annoy people more than ever
2 : to annoy again and again <Stop teasing the dog.
Drivers who do not signal annoy other motorists the most, a survey today revealed.
An overzealous digital assistant, such as the infamous animated paperclip that pops up in the word-processing program Microsoft Word, can annoy and get in the way.
We were astounded by the range of issues that annoy motorists.
The study by Family Railcard found that southern youngsters are nearly twice as likely to annoy their parents as their counterparts from the north.
This survey shows how intolerant we are as a nation, and how even the smallest of things annoy us - especially when, for many, their annoyances are driving them to distraction," the Telegraph quoted Samantha Glassford, brand manager for Lactofree, as saying.
Moreover, people who refuse to answer cell phones in the dark annoy him the most.