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Perhaps she thought I had a headache, and could not bear to talk; at any rate, she saw that her loquacious vivacity annoyed me, as I could tell by the malicious pertinacity with which she persisted.
Bloomfield were not the only guests whose coming to Wellwood House annoyed me; every visitor disturbed me more or less; not so much because they neglected me (though I did feel their conduct strange and disagreeable in that respect), as because I found it impossible to keep my pupils away from them, as I was repeatedly desired to do: Tom must talk to them, and Mary Ann must be noticed by them.
Bloomfield had the sense to be shocked and annoyed at all this, but she had not sense to prevent it: she expected me to prevent it.
Something in the shape of the lady's face, something in the expression of her dark eyes, reminded Magdalen of the merchant-captain whose uncontrolled admiration had annoyed her on the previous evening.
Teresa was very much annoyed, and left the table before the cheese, saying as she did so: 'There, Miss Lavish, is one who can confute you better than I,' and pointed to that beautiful picture of Lord Tennyson.
"And what does she get annoyed with you about, Duchess?"
Gervais," replied D'Artagnan, "from behind which the Rochellais annoyed our workmen."
"Because we have very important matters to communicate to one another, and it was impossible to talk five minutes in that inn without being annoyed by all those importunate fellows, who keep coming in, saluting you, and addressing you.
Another DPP Datuk Mohd Dusuki Mokhtar added that the annoyed individual or party was not the element in the charge but what was important, was to prove that the appellant had the intention (to do so) when he committed the offence.
JAKE Carter has revealed he gets annoyed when people mistake him for a country star.
The word they found was "narky", or "narked", in the sense of "irritable" or "annoyed".
Summary: The public annoyed from direct calls from brokers