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But I dare say he said it to annoy, and if he did he certainly succeeded.
Should I ever learn that you have again annoyed her or her husband--should you ever annoy me again--should I hear that you have returned to France or to any French posession, I shall make it my sole business to hunt you down and complete the choking I commenced tonight.
You are a foolish child, and I cannot allow you to annoy me.
I would have departed by the back way, to get a last glimpse of Catherine and annoy old Joseph; but Hareton received orders to lead up my horse, and my host himself escorted me to the door, so I could not fulfil my wish.
According to Article 293 of the penal code, a person who annoys others, or verbally abuses anyone using wired or wireless means of communication or any other means, shall be punishable with a prison term that does not exceed six months and a maximum fine of QR30,00, or any one of the two penalties.