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Only, since people have begun to annoy him again, he gives me nothing at all.
Had it not been that the French admiral, with a large party, was then in the glen, I have no doubt that the natives, although their tribe was small and dispirited, would have inflicted summary vengeance upon the man who thus outraged their most sacred institutions; as it was, they contrived to annoy him not a little.
It used to annoy the elephant at first, and he would reach up and take her down, but she would go aft and climb up again.
But I dare say he said it to annoy, and if he did he certainly succeeded.
Casaubon that you have come either to annoy him or to see Dorothea.
It is not true that I go to annoy him, and why should I not go to see Dorothea?
Should I ever learn that you have again annoyed her or her husband--should you ever annoy me again--should I hear that you have returned to France or to any French posession, I shall make it my sole business to hunt you down and complete the choking I commenced tonight.
Then let me save your feelings by telling you that it does not annoy me at all--except for the row you are making about it.
I will say nothing to annoy you--I only ask leave to explain myself.
You are a foolish child, and I cannot allow you to annoy me.
I will not annoy you with any more of my friendly impertinences.
When it comes to what annoys consumers the most, 73% are annoyed by high ticket costs, 70% find bag fees to be annoying, 68% are annoyed by cancelled or delayed flights, 64% are annoyed by uncomfortable seats, 63% are annoyed by rude staff, 56% are annoyed by charging for snacks and 48% are annoyed by closing the gate early.