annual commitment

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Each batch is made a minimum annual commitment for all members of the control group.
a decrease in the applicable rates used for borrowings and a decrease in the annual commitment fee;
While it lacks the parade's national reputation, the annual commitment ceremony represents one of the gay community's most fervent hopes - acceptance of same-sex unions.
It s also available on an AT&T Tablet Installment plan for $10 per month for 20 months, or at no annual commitment for $199.
Targeted to raise $360,000 or more, these grants are the cornerstone of Orvis's annual commitment of 5% of its pre-tax profits to protecting nature.
Tickets at $50 and $100 are now available at Ticketmaster locations for the ninth annual Commitment to Life event, which benefits AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA).
99 with a two-year agreement or at no annual commitment for $649.
Contribution in addition to $500,000 annual commitment to American Red Cross disaster relief fund
Ontario has increased its annual commitment to the Rural Economic Development program by $10 million to $14.
The auction covers the annual commitment period from June 2013 to May 2014.
50 per month for 20 months (plus applicable wireless service plan charges), $529 with a two-year agreement or $629 at no annual commitment.
The new plan allows Chicago residents to pay for their Zipcar membership as they go, providing a new option for those who want to test out the service or who want access to car sharing for a few months without an annual commitment.

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