annual fee

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A private company owned by various local TV stations, Velister is a platform carrying digital signals for licensed television channels at an annual fee.
The $35 annual fee would apply to passenger vehicles, trucks and light trailers weighing less than 26,001 pounds.
No Lot 5 Maintenance of artificial turf annual fee.
Marketing Management is a 2-year Diploma course offered in Nicosia and Limassol with an annual fee of 4,500 euros.
I have tried to contact customer care several times, and they informed me that I have been charged with an annual fee of Dh500 and my credit limit was reduced to Dh6,500.
As for downsides, the first-place card comes with an annual fee of $89 (though the fee is waived for the first year); the second-place card charges a 2.
Members have the option to complete their annual fee statement and pay their fees online via the Bar's website at www.
It would not break the bank for pensioners to pay an annual fee of, say, PS25 (ie 50p a week approximately) similar to the Metro Gold Card.
Those who choose to pay the annual fee will receive two vouchers for those lounges.
ADCB offers eight different types of cards and annual fee ranges between Dh199 to Dh2,500.
The nondeductible annual fee on branded prescription drugs was enacted by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, P.
A weekly journey to and from their destination would cost double the proposed annual fee and many customers who currently use the service three times a week for a two-way journey now find themselves facing costs of pounds 360

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