annual liability

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Insurers use a complex algorithm to determine annual liability insurance premiums, and premiums for ObGyns may not have stabilized or decreased in all regions (see Instant Poll on page 10).
Additional support within the O&M contract includes parent company guarantees (75% annual liability cap, 150% rolling three-year aggregate liability cap) and liquid security in the form of a 50% annual payment letter of credit.
Previously, only employers with less than $5,000 in annual liability were allowed to file quarterly.
As a result, while the average annual liability per beneficiary for a health plan has fallen from $798 in 2010 to $666 in 2015, the average beneficiary premium has risen from $348 to $379 a year.
If the A5 Coupe 2.0 TDI ultra SE is compared with the outgoing A5 Coupe 2.0 TDIe 163bhp SE, the annual liability for a 40% tax payer falls from PS2,236 to PS1,988.
In the copy of the policy submitted by the defendant, the coverage is found within endorsement SF 0501 0709 at "Section E," "Limited Farm Pollution Liability Coverage." The farm pollution coverage is subject to an aggregate annual liability limit of $50,000.00 pursuant to endorsement SF 0707 1110 and the policy's liability schedule.
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners calculates that in 2010, the average annual liability insurance expenditure per vehicle in the U.S.
The interest rate used to calculate the annual liability growth is the same rate used for the investment return assumption.
If the employer's annual liability for Class 1 National Insurance Contributions is 45,000 [pounds sterling] or less, the employer is entitled to 100% of the SMP, and an additional amount as compensation for the National Insurance Contributions paid on the SMP.
KSA taxpayers now required to make advance payments of tax if their total annual liability is in excess of SAR 500,000 ($133,326);
It earns a lowly 13 per cent company car tax rating, which for a 40 per cent tax payer amounts to an annual liability of pounds 1,210.
It earns a lowly 13 per cent company car tax rating, which for a 40 per cent tax-payer amounts to an annual liability of pounds 1,210.

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