annual obligation

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The Local Government Association said it recognised the importance of buses but that councils had been put in an impossible position by the funding squeeze and the Au200m annual obligation to fund bus passes for pensioners.
This means that the project will create an annual obligation of about $1+ billion for the next 15 years, which far exceeds the revenue potential even in most optimistic scenarios and ignoring the foreign exchange liabilities.
Income from logging could cover the annual obligation to the Common School Fund, while the sale of Elliott carbon credits can finance the building of a world-class Oregon forest carbon research institution and, over time, complete the $120 million buyout of the forest from the Common School Fund.
Advising the client with regard to its obligations under the occupational health and safety act is the responsibility of the service provider, As well as the annual obligation to report on the fulfillment of the tasks assigned.
In other words, his proposal would meet the city's annual obligation as defined by the state but not to entirely make up for a shortfall in a previous year.
"It is imperative that each and every member meets their annual obligation for maintenance fees as failure to do so increases the cost of operations for all of the other members and owners."
Analysis by the PRC, however, confirmed that the cash flow problem instead was a result of "other, unrelated structural problems and the rate adjustments would neither solve nor delay those problems." Even with the requested increase, the Postal Service would be unable to meet its annual obligation of roughly $5.5 billion in 2011 and succeeding years of a 10-year payment schedule.
Actual annual obligation (Subtract line 23 from Line 22a or 22b) 25.
To meet the $50,000 annual obligation on the note, the trustee decides to purchase a joint, single premium immediate annuity with the $1 million loan.
The ECJ also ruled against a requirement for company domicile and an annual obligation to certify registration in the member state of origin.
-P2 is fixed and annual obligation to results associated with implementation of means, it is to ensure: - routine maintenance, preventive and curative facilities and equipment - driving, monitoring, control and control of all facilities and equipment - repairs and urgent interventions following days and times given by site facilities and equipment.
"This action, along with other collateral savings, will mitigate our increased annual obligation to the retirement system for fiscal year 2010 by about $4.5 million," Mr.

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