annual remittance

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6bn estimated annual remittance inflows, it is projected that up to 3bn emanates from the United States, with Florida as the chief epicenter of financial origin, due to the high prevalence of Cuban expatriates living in the state.
Senator Ralph Recto said that if a total ban on sending workers to Kuwait would be enforced, the Philippines stand to lose 40 billion pesos in annual remittance of from Filipinos there.
The Indian diaspora in the GCC is now 9mn, with annual remittance at US$35bn.
8 million in the UAE, who collectively account for the world's largest annual remittance of over $70 billion to their home country, the budget was a total disappointment.
The company has bagged the project with an annual remittance of Rs 87.
Considering the fact that the annual remittance in the world is of the order of $500 billion, these funds could make a difference at the micro and macro level.
The annual remittance inflow to the region is far greater than that accounted for by aid, and without it the private sector would not be thriving as it is.
Bangladesh, Nepal, and India, on the other hand, witnessed a drop in average annual remittance growth between 17 and 23 percent.
Around 60% of annual remittance flows come from the US.
The annual remittance income in the early 1980s exceeded the joint federal and provincial development expenditures for Pakistan as a whole.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 23, 2017-Remitly doubles annual remittance volume to USD 2bn
During the term of the project, the company has committed to an annual remittance of Rs 128.

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