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If not one head of game were shot during the next twenty years in England, and, at the same time, if no vermin were destroyed, there would, in all probability, be less game than at present, although hundreds of thousands of game animals are now annually killed.
What a struggle between the several kinds of trees must here have gone on during long centuries, each annually scattering its seeds by the thousand; what war between insect and insect--between insects, snails, and other animals with birds and beasts of prey--all striving to increase, and all feeding on each other or on the trees or their seeds and seedlings, or on the other plants which first clothed the ground and thus checked the growth of the trees
It may even be doubted whether the varieties of any one of our domestic plants or animals have so exactly the same strength, habits, and constitution, that the original proportions of a mixed stock could be kept up for half a dozen generations, if they were allowed to struggle together, like beings in a state of nature, and if the seed or young were not annually sorted.
Chlamydia: no proof of risk reduction, 89 million new cases annually, worldwide.
The awards will be presented annually in the Fall timeframe commencing in calendar year 2005.
Environmental Protection Agency's WasteWise program since 2001 and has been recognized annually for its continual improvement in solid waste reduction and in recycling.
Experts consulted by Los Angeles County, which is one of the defendants, estimate that 140,000 to 170,000 acre-feet a year is pumped annually, which county officials say far exceeds the amount the groundwater table can lose without lowering dramatically.
Growing at just over 5% annually, storage software is the smallest software segment accounting for nearly 4% of all applications and software revenues.
Snack-food packaging consumed 163 million lb of PE resin and is projected to have lackluster growth of around 3% annually through 2004 and 2005.
Presented annually to the best women's basketball player in NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, Junior College/Community College, and High School.
San Antonio's long, hot summers cost residents about $555 annually in air conditioning costs.
We are running production around 200,000 ounces annually, and we are going to be targeting about 250,000 ounces annually.