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Never ever has the AFI bothered to annul the competition results of an athlete if he/ she tests positive in the very same competition," an AFI official told MAIL TODAY .
Members of the House, who rejected the move to annul the fund, based their argument on everyoneaACAOs keenness in preserving the Social Security Corporation (SSC) and its funds to enhance the accountability and control regarding its investments because this money belonged to the Jordanians and must be protected.
Some parliamentarians and analysts compared Wednesday's court ruling to Egypt's constitutional court's decision to annul the conservative-dominated Parliament earlier this month.
Suat Kilic, the deputy chairman of the ruling AK Party group in parliament, said the court decision to annul some parts of the charter undermined the authority of parliament.
Before someone can get a full gender-recognition order they must annul their marriage,' said Mrs Martin.
Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori will ask Peru's Supreme Court to annul murder and corruption charges against him so he can return from exile in Japan to run in the presidential election this year, news reports from Lima said Thursday.
While Paris plans to annul their marriage before running back to New York, Turn plans to stay wedded to Paris as he realizes he loved her back then and apparently never stopped loving her or why would a conservative person like him lose control.
Spears, 22,had been married to Jason Allen Alexander for just two days when she asked a judge in Nevada to annul the marriage to her ``husband for a weekend''.
As a codicil it does not annul the testament or cancel the promises.
This provision would not annul existing critical habitat areas and would not allow the Department of Defense to take any action that would harm an endangered or threatened species,'' the committee said in a report on the bill.
The press was informed that after processing the reports and the analyses that were part of the merger process, it was decided to annul the resolution dated 24 March 2003, which had declared there were no objections to the acquisition of 90% of the shares of Banco Intercontintental by Banco Progreso - an procedure that would have joined the two banks.