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For example, a worker has four days of unused annul leave in 2018, the four days can be deferred to 2019, and in case the four days are still not totally used by the end of 2019, employers should pay for the remaining unused leave according to the salary level of 2018, the ministry added.
Article 107 of the Egyptian constitution stipulates that the Cassation Court is specialised in the judgment of the validity of membership of MPs, whereas if the court decided to annul the membership, it will be revoked on the date the parliament is notified.
BEIRUT: Education Minister Elias Bou Saab Monday denied reports of plans to annul the Brevet (grade 9) exams, eight days ahead of staging them.
The Court of Justice of the European Union has ordered the Council of European Union to annul the sanctions imposed on the Sri Lankan group and said their assets should remain frozen "temporarily", according to a statement issued by the court.
Never ever has the AFI bothered to annul the competition results of an athlete if he/ she tests positive in the very same competition," an AFI official told MAIL TODAY .
Members of the House, who rejected the move to annul the fund, based their argument on everyoneaACAOs keenness in preserving the Social Security Corporation (SSC) and its funds to enhance the accountability and control regarding its investments because this money belonged to the Jordanians and must be protected.
The State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources decided not to annul the license agreement with Kutessay Mining (founded by Stans Energy Corp.
More than half of Kuwait's members of Parliament have resigned in protest at a court's decision to annul an election that had given the conservative-led opposition a majority.
Summary: Protestors have clashed with riot police after marching through Haiti's capital to demand officials annul recent elections.
Dexia Crediop SpA has announced that it is planning to appeal a ruling by an administrative court that allowed the provincial government of Pisa to annul derivative agreements with the bank.
However, he said that if the postponement of the STL's indictment is possible, "it is impossible to annul it because this will undermine laws and values that govern relations among states.
The Syrian regime is aiming with all means possible to annul the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) and tarnish its image, the Kuwaiti daily AL SEYASSAH reported Friday, quoting unnamed sources as telling "Beirut's Observer" website.