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Soft-tissue differentials included a mild sprain of the ulnar collateral and annular ligaments, and strains of the pronator teres, biceps, brachialis, and elbow extensor group.
The annular ligament, whose function is to attach the radius to the ulna, is responsible for about 80% of chronic elbow pain.
Injuries to the finger pulleys and biceps pulley are commonly accepted as injuries of annular ligament complexes (10).
First osteotomy of the ulna at fracture site, correction of mal-alignment, maintaining ulnar length, open reduction of radial head, annular ligament reconstruction with triceps fascial loop and transcapitellar K-wire fixation of radial head.
We agree with De Boeck (13) that reconstruction of the annular ligament seems unnecessary, and that unreduced radial head dislocations, therefore, may be treated by simple open reduction and fixation for 6 weeks with a transarticular pin.
The annular ligament was preserved; but occasionally it was partially divided to allow access and subsequently repaired.
The two tendons are together bound by the palmar annular ligament and the proximal digital annular ligament as they glide over the proximal scutum.
"My horse has actually been out of action for the best part of the year Hoylake as he posted scores of 67, with an annular ligament injury," said Henry.
The capsule was distended and filled with loculated pus which also tracked up the posterior aspect of the humerus and 1.5 cm down the radius, where it also disrupted the annular ligament and lateral collateral ligament.