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The bench also observed that it would examine whether the Kerala High Court was correct in annulling the marriage while hearing a Habeas Corpus petition.
The EU General Court thus ruled in favour of Aragonesas, annulling, on 25 October, the 9.
Global Banking News-November 16, 2010--Dexia Crediop to appeal against annulling of derivatives agreements(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Syria Aims at Annulling Hariri's Special Tribunal for Lebanon
The latest decision on annulling the obligatory Macedonian language for Albanian first graders is only the last part of the series of annulled laws for the subject of religion, the external testing and the city's building plan.
Experts say that in order to narrow the space for abuse in tender procedures, there should be sanctions stipulated by the public procurement law, that is to say, the conditions for annulling procedures should be more closely defined and a legal obligation should be introduced for explaining why a bid has been turned down so that bidders may be reassured that the best choice has been made.
But she won't take the final leap because under British law, it would mean annulling her 45-year-long marriage to wife Anita.
The drawings have been affixed to a rigid support and laminated, making the mark seem ethereal and even further annulling any possible subjectivity.
Annulling the marriage would make Charles furious, but the Pope does not want to enrage Henry either.
Most probably, the percentages of those annulling or leaving ballots blank will remain very low, and the Castro government will once again trumpet the high voter turnout as proof of the system's success.
The board of directors of Perlos Corp, a Finnish company that produces plastic components for mobile phones, is proposing to the annual meeting of shareholders to decrease the company's share capital by annulling shares the company owns.
Excerpts of ``Shattered Faith: A Woman's Struggle to stop the Catholic Church from Annulling Her Marriage,'' appeared in Friday's Boston Herald.