annulment of marriage

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India enacted a Hindu Marriage Act in 1955, allowing divorce and annulment of marriage.
Although initially it may seem that a one-month period mentioned in the article referred to is not registered But considering the topic "bring one specialist after getting a polynomial expression" the great fundamental principles of jurisprudence that looks like Mirza Naini, all statements already allocated It can be stated that when the phrase " refuse up to one month of registration ..." After a few acting like a permanent marriage, divorce, annulment of marriage and see, it takes all the measures to allocate all these actions must be registered within a month.
Annulment of marriage due to psychological incapacity bars them from remarriage, so they want divorce.
He told the SC that portions of Articles 4.6 (4) and 55 (6) which mentions lesbianism or homosexuality as ground for annulment of marriage and legal separation should be nullified for being unconstitutional.
He conceded that there are irreparable marriages, but that the remedy in such cases is already available in the present law on annulment of marriage. While critics claim that annulment entails time and money, Alejano said the solution is to make it more expedient and affordable, especially to the poor.
Existing provisions for legal separation and annulment of marriage under the Family Code were no longer enough to aid distressed citizens, who are in toxic marital relations, and this make absolute divorce the 'legal, logical and reasonable' measure, Albay 1st District Rep.
Due to declaration of nullity or annulment of marriage as decreed by a court or by a church; Provided, that he/she is entrusted with the custody of the children;
Senator Paolo "Bam" Aquino IV is pushing for a measure that would allow annulment of marriage done by a religious sect recognized by the state.
It must be pointed out however that our Family Code already has adequate provisions on how to get out of unbearable marriages which do not undermine marriage as an 'inviolable institution.' These are the provisions on annulment of marriage which only need improvement and revision to make it easier to obtain and more accessible to spouses.
Last year, Pimentel filed for annulment of marriage and she did not resist because they both wanted the marriage to end with finality.
Sotto said senators would rather support amending present laws on the annulment of marriage and the addition of the grounds of separation to make it faster and more efficient.
As if to validate or rationalize an inclination of sexual activity of many top officials in the land, the Congress is in a hurry to pass, while Duterte is the president, a law that will make divorce or the annulment of marriage easier.