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Erekat said upcoming PLO Central Council meeting planned for Sunday in Ramallah would discuss defining the relationship with Israel in all its aspects and how to confront and annul the US decision on Jerusalem.
This resolution annuls Executive Council Resolution No.
The Executive Board decided today to annul its decision in June appointing a new head of the ECB's Brussels office by means of direct appointment from a reserve list," the ECB said in the posting.
It is a very good signal that the ECB decided to annul this appointment, that was not in line with a merit-based-recruitment process," appellant Carlos Bowles said.
Global Banking News-February 13, 2013--Spanish court partially annuls Santander CEO's pardon(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
he is going to give an example from everyday life: "No one annuls or adds a codicil to a testament ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
People with these inclinations just cannot be ordained," said Navarro-Valls, who suggested that the ordination of gay men might be made invalid in the same way the church annuls marriages.
The post Turkey's Constitutional Court annuls law closing schools linked to US-based cleric appeared first on Cyprus Mail .