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East & West Dean estimated, 10 000 mA obs per annum
PS278,000 for Powys Teaching Health Board to establish a Children's Continuing Care Unit, with expected savings of PS309,000 per annum.
The profit on this particular loan is advertised as two per cent per month or 24 per cent per annum (same as that charged by pawnbrokers) and much higher than the interest rate of 12 per cent per annum and 18 per cent per annum charged by licensed moneylenders for secured loans and unsecured loans, respectively.
The interest rate should rise to 5 per cent per annum next month and 5 1/4 per cent per annum early next year.
But most of all Liverpool council will lose my car parking custom to the approximate amount of pounds 250 per annum.
It is certainly the case that the abolition of the RDTC in July 1997 boosted the income of the Treasury by some pounds 5 billion per annum.
The MOU also calls on Sinopec to start feasibility studies for the construction of a 700,000 tonne per annum GTL plant in China and a 3,000 tonne per annum CTL pilot plant, upon the completion of the cooperation agreement.
Unit 1 provides 5,103 sq ft at a rental of pounds 28,000 per annum, while Unit 4 offers 2,539 sq ft at a rental of pounds 13,950 per annum.
Extra Cash Earned: Potential to earn an extra pounds 208 per annum (Gross interest)
55pc gross per annum guaranteed until October 1, 2005.
73 million per annum * On West 105th Street, a 15-unit, six-story elevator apartment house carrying an annual rent roll of approximately $95,000 On Parson's Blvd.
5 million tonnes per annum which is the equivalent of removing 350,000 cars from the road every year.