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The system detects truck parts that are running hot, such as brakes, before the truck reaches the tunnel and can annunciate an alarm in the event of danger.
45) Reich-Ranicki, 446, who has since risen to become Germany's first celebrity literary critic, characterized him in 1977 as "one of those writers who directly annunciate everything they have to say, and not just once; in his books everything is explicated in great detail, nothing omitted, nothing alluded to.
The last paragraph of the article said: "Speak slowly and clearly and try to annunciate.
In these days of a skittish stock market, I am going to find a Lovey Howell type or maybe a New York socialite to open a charm school where the men would learn to plie, walk with books balanced atop their heads, waltz and clearly annunciate "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.
By 1995, after twenty years of constitutional cases affording First Amendment protection, albeit with intermediate scrutiny, to commercial speech, Chief Justice Rehnquist was apparently prepared to follow that body of precedent in his voting, even if he was not prepared to annunciate such a doctrine in his own opinions.
Miffed at his losses, Rinaldeschi took out his frustration by hurling a handful of horse dung at a fresco of the Virgin Annunciate, known as the Madonna de' Ricci, which was located in a tabernacle alongside the church of Santa Maria degli Alberighi.
significa, secondo il senso letterale, ammettere, riconoscere solennemente, annunciate, lodare: un uscire dunque dalla segretezza dell'inferno all'esteriorita.
Image: The Virgin Annunciate (1645-50) by Bernardo Cavallino.
To execute, Smith said they have developed a design language, one that will allow them to clearly annunciate the fact that Ford is a European brand (so far as they're concerned in Europe).
Or think of that smooth-cheeked, dark-eyed Virgin Annunciate in Palermo, with her forbearing gesture and light blue cloak.
If saying 'I love you' is too risky, we skirt around it with intimations of an abiding affection, until finally we feel confident enough to annunciate what we by then presume the other already knows.
No wonder men such as Sir Matthew Pinsent was moved to say that the instant Rogge annunciate the first syllable of 'Lon-don' was better than winning any of his four rowing gold medals.