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Both algorithmic and intrinsic alarms use the Event Notification service to annunciate alarms, which convey information including the device, object, timestamp, class of alarm, priority, message, and specific values that caused the alarm to occur.
"Annunciate means announce whereas enunciate means to articulate words distinctly.
According to this interpretation, Book II did not annunciate a positive goal but rather depicted a virtuous society based solely on reason in order to denunciate the vices of Christian Europe.
While the viewer looks at a visually stunning painting, the subjects of that painting, Octavius Augustus, Bladelin, the shepherds behind the Nativity, and the Virgin Annunciate, are all having their own, purely spiritual visions.
Make eye contact, annunciate clearly, exaggerate your mouth movements, and talk loudly.
Miffed at his losses, Rinaldeschi took out his frustration by hurling a handful of horse dung at a fresco of the Virgin Annunciate, known as the Madonna de' Ricci, which was located in a tabernacle alongside the church of Santa Maria degli Alberighi.
Image: The Virgin Annunciate (1645-50) by Bernardo Cavallino.
To execute, Smith said they have developed a design language, one that will allow them to clearly annunciate the fact that Ford is a European brand (so far as they're concerned in Europe).
Or think of that smooth-cheeked, dark-eyed Virgin Annunciate in Palermo, with her forbearing gesture and light blue cloak.
No wonder men such as Sir Matthew Pinsent was moved to say that the instant Rogge annunciate the first syllable of 'Lon-don' was better than winning any of his four rowing gold medals.
The PLC controls start and stop prime movers, annunciate prime-mover status and alarms and control priority loads.
I don't feel it is necessary to clearly annunciate every word I sing and if I did it wouldn't have the same effect that it does.