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Both algorithmic and intrinsic alarms use the Event Notification service to annunciate alarms, which convey information including the device, object, timestamp, class of alarm, priority, message, and specific values that caused the alarm to occur.
Astonishingly enough, it also includes his mature masterpiece, the Virgin Annunciate (Galleria Regionale della Sicilia, Palermo), believed to have been painted either at the very end of his 1475-1476 stay in Venice or shortly after his return to Messina.
I don't feel it is necessary to clearly annunciate every word I sing and if I did it wouldn't have the same effect that it does.
However, after the weekend's debacle I can see the benefit of private education and my children shall now annunciate correctly, chase eggs and be strangers to pasties.
The sky sweats, copper haze blears the horizon for tomorrow's storm the gulls annunciate.
Ma il "tema" della malinconia, che avrebbe potuto essere maggiormente sviluppato dal punto di vista teorico e metodologico nel capitolo introduttivo, non basta a tenere insieme le tessere che dovrebbero formare il "mosaico" del volume, che purtroppo non mantiene, nonostante i suoi numerosi pregi, le promesse annunciate nel titolo.
Mary Annunciate hovers during the Italian Renaissance between two traditional images of womanhood, the spotless female elevated in the Virgin Birth and the enchanting beauty, descendant of Eve.
The process of turning on an LED to annunciate the completion of a device's change in status is usually at the system's lowest priority level.
In planning or forecasting the future of our industry, it is easy to annunciate the immediate statistics and latest deals.
Below, the three figures receiving the chapel (in a depiction that should remind us in general of the Book as Architecture and in particular of Berceo's offering of his book to Mary, as well as Ildefonso's contribution) are, in the center, the Queen of Heaven, the crowned Virgin, at her right the archangel Gabriel the Annunciator, and at her left, the Annunciate Virgin (Shorr 173).
But in the event we lined up on a different runway--or one that was too short for our entered performance profile--the system would annunciate a "check runway" or "runway too short" aural alert and visual message on the PFD.
intrusion, the System will automatically detect, annunciate and alert the unauthorized person(s) by