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The first of these, annunciated in Carlin's own professional history, the bombing's modus operandi, and in the identification of the bomber as a white male who speaks of "patriotism" (as opposed to the more familiar Islamic villain of the post-9/11 world) reflects the domestic terrorism of Oklahoma City.
For Gutierrez, the future is positively annunciated and to hope is to commit oneself to social praxis motivated by this positively annunciated utopian goal.
The truly outstanding contribution came from tenor soloist Matthew Minter, with a clearly annunciated, lyrical and mellifluous tone that thankfully avoided any operatic excess.
This desire to automate was further annunciated by the sold-out attendance of the IWF technical seminar "Profiting Through Automation," co-sponsored by W&WP.
9 was clearly defined in ev ery aspect, totally flowing with harmonic shifts annunciated with steeike clarity.
For instance, one of the book's premises, unproved and unprovable, is annunciated thus: `From a narratological standpoint, any given motif is always subordinated to a "greater" narrative and ideological project.
Second, the ideological and institutional instruments through which authority was annunciated or implicitly understood, such as the parish vestry, the manorial court and the urban corporation.
Before the new system was installed, the four common hall entrances were not locked, only equipped with buzzers that annunciated when the doors opened.
The absence of the artist is annunciated, like it or not.
Ministers, like Denny and Miller, annunciated the Calvinist belief that the temptation to suicide was best held at bay by tight authoritarian communities.
Although thoughtful attention should be paid to legitimate, specific concerns of regulators when they are annunciated, the current direction of NAIC efforts offers no comfort to commercial insurance consumers.
Now their status is better represented with text that's annunciated in green when a function is active, rather than grey.