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It is also worth noting that the scope of "procurement" annunciated in Article 1001(5) excludes governmental assistance to a public entity or agency engaged in procurement in the form of financing or funding of the procurement activity by providing "grants, loans, equity infusions, guarantees, [and] fiscal incentives.
It was four year ago, when for the first time, political persecution as an explicitly annunciated practice was substituted for the political process and the use of laws,.
Other recent statutes have explicitly adopted the burden of proof standard annunciated in AIR 21.
They were clear, they annunciated, they projected, they made excellent eye contact, asked the questions perfectly and showed very good listening skills.
6, 1994, 94-1 CPD 240 at 4, the exception was first annunciated in the decision of Solar Resources Inc.
As annunciated by Tempels the Bantu believe that it is only by fortifying their vital force through the use of magical recipes and through praying to the ancestors and pouring libation that they acquire resistance to malevolent external forces.
This volume highlights the theme most frequently annunciated in contemporary Guadalupan theologies, namely, justice or liberation, the breaking in of God's reign that upends the status quo of the world: in the words of Mary's Magnificat, the way God "has deposed the mighty from their thrones and raised the lowly to high places.
decades before him, entered the world annunciated by the screen.
The National Executive resolved: "National Executive re-iterates the policy of the FOL of opposition to all forms of racial discrimination as an affront to human dignity and of abrogation of human freedom as annunciated by the charter of human rights.
The L/R ENG cautions are annunciated anytime a FADEC (the computer for the F414 GE-400 engines) decides the engine performance status has changed.
He added, "Burton always moved his lips so much when he annunciated, that they would stick out from under his nose.