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Normally they will annunciate "LNAV" and flash a message "Approach Downgrade" if they can't offer WAAS accuracy but still have acceptable GPS position.
The GPS annunciates the highest level of service supported by the WAAS signal, the receiver, and the selected approach.
If someone got too close to a painting, an alarm would annunciate in the security office.
You don't know what minimums are applicable until it annunciates, which should happen passing UNSAW.
But even if LNAV/VNAV annunciates, you can fly the LNAV/VNAV glidepath down to the lower LNAV minimums, so long as you never go lower on a segment than allowed on the LNAV approach.
Each device transmits an alarm via a low-power, digitally coded radio signal, and the control panel annunciates it.
The navigator does not sequence to the next waypoint in the approach, but annunciates SUSP and continues to provide guidance along the same course as the final approach segment, extended out into infinity.
Once the gear is down and locked, it annunciates that, too, but just once and in a sonorous airline-captain voice that reminds of us of a guy who's relaxed to the point that he sounds like he's had a couple.
The receiving unit annunciates the status of the line supervision and alarm monitoring equipment with audible and visual indicators.
While the TAS series annunciates traffic position, some owners will still want to see the numbers and this is, after all, the point of having that expensive display in the first place.