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and they looked so alive and so annunciatory. It occurred to me to wonder how a certain kind of young white man faced with such a throng and faced with his own confrontation with his own innards would react" (Drotning 174).
Her countless beds, for example, whether occupied or empty, New England plain or Berlin bordello chic, invariably evoke an Annunciatory pathos.
Evidence for reincarnation, informants explained to Goulet, manifests itself in several ways: annunciatory dreams of a mother-to-be or a father-to-be in which the deceased reveals his or her desire to be born again; glimpses of ghosts in the light of day; striking physical or psychological similarities between a child and a deceased relative; the reincarnated person's recollections of events in a previous life; and finally, similarity in birthmarks between a deceased person and newborn child.
The first verse features solo alto and tenor, weaving their parts into the contrapuntal consort texture, followed by the powerful entrance of the full chorus singing "When the Angell Gabriell with an humble reverence" on homophonic block chords perfectly suited to the annunciatory text.
In the third encounter, by contrast, annunciatory tropes - "soft flames," "bells rippling" - seem poised to transform an auspicious beginning into a swift-moving progress.