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In the third encounter, by contrast, annunciatory tropes - "soft flames," "bells rippling" - seem poised to transform an auspicious beginning into a swift-moving progress.
and remembered, it would seem, as a metonymy for the whole of Descartes's annunciatory experience of the night of 10-11 November 1619 came to him not as part of a methodical sequence of thought, but in a dream-revelation, one that he received (to cite his own words quoted by Baillet) "cum plenus forem Enthousiasmo" in a state of divine exaltation, inspiration, or possession?
Timbres are rewardingly explored: brass in jagged annunciatory fanfares, extremes of woodwind registers opening up chording of vast inference, serene punctuations dividing paragraphs of hectic activity and a big trumpet summons dissolving into a heroic flute skirmish.