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Envirenmental units were: Helianthus annus /weeds, agroproductive and relictual.
The annus horribilis has meant a country described as the "lonely man of Europe" is adrift and unpredictable, seemingly aimless.
In her now famous 1992 Christmas speech to the nation, Her Majesty described the year as an annus horriblis following various terrible events which affected her family - including the break-up of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales' marriage, Princess Anne's divorce and the fire at Windsor Castle.
The track record of someone who often speaks of himself in the third person suggests he cannot...unless he has looked in the mirror and learned something from his annus horribilis.
SIR HENRY CECIL will join the roster of trainers at Highclere Thoroughbreds in the latest highlight of what is becoming an annus mirabilis for the legendary trainer, writes David Milnes.
When the Queen made that historic Christmas broadcast saying that she had had an Annus horriblis, I thought she meant that like me, she had a sore bum, even though I did Latin for an annus horriblis at school.
While Annus Maximus stands a good chance of landing the other division of the bumper.
FOR THE Congress, 2010 can be described in just one way -- annus horribilis.
If 2009 was their annus horribilis one couldn't claim 2010 has exactly been an annus mirabilis, yet it has been an annus stabilis (though I suspect that's not a word) and for many at Damson Park that is almost enough.
In 2005, in celebration of the centennial anniversary of Albert Einstein's Annus Maribilis ("year of miracles"), the year he published five of his most important papers, the Nehru Center in Mumbai, India organized a series of lectures by Indian scientists on the works of Einstein and their impact on the fields of physics and astrophysics.
The Queen Channel 4, 8.00pm The monarch faces increasing challenges during the annus horribilis 1992, including the devastating fire at Windsor Castle and a surge in tabloid criticism which signalled the end of the age of deference toward the House of Windsor.
In the 2004 Athens Games, Murofushi was awarded victory after Hungary's Adrian Annus was disqualified for doping offenses.