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In January, Anodyne was notified that it was one of 548 companies to receive the Boeing Performance Excellence Award which rewards performance excellence.
The occasional bit of interesting tittle-tattle apart, the portraits are generally fairly anodyne (no mention of Karajans Nazi past, for instance) and the way in which all the accounts are structured around his own personal encounters becomes increasingly tedious.
The first couple of chapters review the movement of alcohol from everyday disinfectant and anodyne to a strong drug of social concern, the political history of opium, and indigenous psychoactives.
But as much as the performances were right on the (ahem) Money and the show was incredibly slick, the longer it went on, the more anodyne it felt.
Anodyne was tasked to help Boeing reduce their lead-times in the Emergent Build Center (EBC).
Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka, co-creators of the computer game Anodyne, might prefer to make as much profit as they can, but meanwhile they are capitalizing on their brand recognition that's come from illegal file sharing.
Kuper does not - fortunately - believe in gathering sound bites from players, who nearly always only offer anodyne, predictable quotes, and curate their images behind the veil of publicity managers and spin doctors.
He trotted out the usual anodyne statements and was reported as saying the panel's timelines are "aspirational".
However, Sir Mervyn King's honesty will be appreciated by business people, families and all others who prefer to be told the truth rather than be plied with anodyne statements that seek without success to divert attention from the problem.
It would have been easy to splurge out 300 anodyne pages but I wanted to be honest.
And who'd have honestly thought the previously pleasant, nice but anodyne Gary Barlow could achieve the impossible and stop us all from missing Simon Cowell?
The drive is anodyne and I wasn't allowed to take it on the hill course, so I assume it struggles with corners.