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Sacred chrism (sacrum chrisma in Latin) is also used to anoint the altar and walls of a church building.
If we follow the Dem playbook and anoint Kasich/Rubio, then we'll miss out on all the energy and excitement of our quadrennial first-in-the-nation primary.
The court however ruled that the Shahi Imam's decision to anoint his son as his deputy and successor has no legal sanctity.
She washes Jesus' feet with her tears, dries them with her hair, and kisses and anoints them with expensive perfumed oil.
To the reader with eyes to see, this woman is a Samuel-like character, who anoints the Messiah before his coronation on the cross.
But the others, VOODOO PRINCE and ANOINT, are more interesting.
The fifteen verbs were: anoint, chafe, chivvy, ensconce, gyrate, haemorrhage, hobnob, implore, jolt, josh, moonlight, subpoena, tailgate, trounce and yonk.
Judging from the hyperactive reception of Soth's work--it's ended up in the Whitney Biennial, on the cover of Blind Spot, as a solo show at this gallery, and as a Steidl monograph--the art world is eager to anoint a new generation of fresh, roadready practitioners.
We accompany one another through hardship not for the sake of suffering itself, but because it is only there, when we love and anoint one another through pain, that the new life of resurrection unfolds.
As you anoint the river with the oil, I will anoint many nations.
He suggests that when the mother of a sick child asks for anointing, it would be appropriate to anoint both mother and child, since the healing of the child is connected to the consolation of the mother (185).
They have come to anoint Jesus like the woman in Bethany.